Empowering adults and children
to value and image peace,
to give language to peace,
and to work together
to promote, protect, and preserve a culture of peace
for their families and in their communities
where families live, love, work, study, play, serve, and worship
in their neighborhood, their nation and our world.


Defining Peace

“Peace can be defined and conceptualized as a PRESENCE, a presence of just and faithful relationships with oneself, with others within one’s family and community, with all others within and across national borders, with all of creation, and with a Spiritual Being, Wisdom Source, Higher Power,
who both gives life and gives life meaning.”
Jacqueline Haessly, Weaving a Culture of Peace



  • Provide information about Peacemaking Associates
  • Educate about Peace with Justice with diverse groups of participants Educators; Business, Community, and Religious Organizations; Families; and Intergenerational Groups
  • On-line Coaching, Consulting, and Classes
  • On-site Education Programs and Retreats
  • Promote and Sell Books (through LULU Publishers and AMAZON Book Sales)



Jacqueline Haessly and Daniel Di Domizio

Engage people of all ages during Peacemaking for Families workshops and intergenerational celebrations.

Work well with adults and children of all ages and abilities and from a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.

Invite participants to examine their values and explore their attitudes about peace and justice themes in a safe and nurturing environment.

Assist participants to deepen their knowledge about a complexity of Peace and Justice Issues from a variety of perspectives, including faith, political, economic, social, and cultural perspectives.

Support participants in their efforts to refine skills essential for living peacefully with others in their families, communities, and our world.

Introduce participants to multiple ways to engage in actions that can enhance peace with justice in their own communities, their nations, and our world.

Challenge participants to expand the range of their participation in actions that can enhance peace with justice in their communities, their nation, and our world.


working together with you to

Create a Culture of Peace in the Family, the Community, and the World


by creating environments that foster  


effective communication

respect for diversity

nurturing touch



by identifying and helping to resolve conflicts peacefully by

acknowledging perceptual differences

imagining new possibilities

brainstorming alternatives

considering consequences

selecting options

evaluating effort


by living gently and peacefully with others on the planet by

practicing kinship with each other and the planet

sharing time, talent, and treasure

living simply

acting justly

imaging peace

celebrating signs of hope


for schools, business, community, and religious organizations
in local, national, and international arenas.

Peacemaking Associates

offers programs on themes of spirituality, peace, justice, and transformational leadership

ON-LINE Coaching, Consulting, and Classes


ON-SITE Keynote Addresses, Educational Programs, Retreats, and

Intergenerational Cooperative Games Festivals for business and community groups.

Peacemaking Associates

The Milwaukee Peace Education Resource Library

consists of books and curricula materials on topics related to
peace, justice, and global awareness education available for research and browsing.

Open by appointment only.


"Peacemaking: Family Activities for Justice and Peace, Vol. 2"

Sale of books authored by Jacqueline Haessly and Daniel Di Domizio, as well as books to
which we contributed chapters. See
Books for Sale.

Order books and other resources for peacemaking in the family, the classroom, businesses,
community, and religious organizations.

Peacemaking: Family Activities for Justice and Peace, Volumes One and Two.

by Jacqueline Haessly. First published as a small single volume by Paulist Press in 1980,
this book has been 
extensively revised, updated, and expanded into two volumes.

Jacqueline Haessly


Peacemaking Associates

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