Jacqueline Haessly

"Jackie Haessly"Jackie Haessly founder and president of Peacemaking Associates works as a peace education specialist, joyfully educating and empowering families, educators, students, religious, business, and community leaders to value, imagine, and act to preserve a culture of peace in all the dimensions of their lives — within the family, the community, and the world, wherever people live, love, work, study, serve, play, and worship. Her workshops and keynote addresses on Weaving a Culture of Peace, Imaging Peace, Spirituality and Peace, Respect for Diversity, Creative Responses to Conflict, and Cooperative Play have been presented to audiences in countries in both North and South America as well as in countries in both Africa and Europe.

Jacqueline brings more than forty years experience to her inspiring and thought-provoking classes, workshops, keynotes, business seminars, staff development workshops, and community education programs. Jackie has taught courses and offered workshops on peace and justice at Cardinal Stritch University, Marquette University, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Edgewood College, The Union Institute College for Undergraduate Studies, the European Peace University, and the United Nations University for Peace. She also has presented keynotes and workshops for a variety of international organizations including the National Council on Family Relations, the Peace Education Association, the National Conference on Peace and Conflict Studies, Global Education Associates, Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, the World Business Academy, Pax Christi, Fellowship of Reconciliation, the International Association for Research on Mothering, and the International Institute for Peace through Tourism, among others. Jacqueline also has served as a consultant to local, national and international peace, justice, religious, education, family, community, government, and business organizations.

Jackie’s published works include Weaving a Culture of Peace (2002); Peacemaking: Family Activities For Justice And Peace, Vol. 1 (2011) and Vol. 2 (2012), and (1980); and Learning to Live Together (1988). Her work for families and educators is also included as chapters in Families As Educators For Global Citizenship (2002), Mothering Sons (2002), and Mothering Teens (1997). Her work for educators includes Imaging Peace: A Pedagogical Challenge for Educators; What Shall We Teach Our Children: Peace Education In The Classroom, and peace education curricula for both educators and students. Her work linking spiritual values for global justice with business life includes When the Canary Stops Singing: Women’s Perspectives on Transforming Business (1993); Rediscovering the Soul of Business: A Renaissance of Values (1995); The New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart and Soul Together (1996); Working Together: Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity (1997), Tourism, Progress and Peace (2010), and Transformation and a Culture of Peace (2015), among others. Jackie also founded and edited Peacemaking for Children Magazine, which reached an international audience from 1983 to 1989. She also produced and edited a four-part video series, Peacemaking for Families, based on the Catholic Bishops’ Peace Pastoral of 1983. Her more recent work has focused on Franciscan Values and the Art and Act of Peacemaking.

Jackie earned her BS.Ed. and MS.Ed. in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her BA in Religious Studies and Broad-field Social Studies from Cardinal Stritch University. Her studies included an emphasis in peace and global awareness education from both UWM and Cardinal Stritch University. She earned her Ph. D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Spirituality, Peace, and Transformational Leadership from The Union Institute and University.

Jackie has taught courses and/or workshops on peace and justice at Cardinal Stritch University, Marquette University, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Edgewood College, The Union Institute College for Undergraduate Studies, the European Peace University, and the United Nations University for Peace.

Jackie has been nominated to more than twenty Who’s Who international biographies for her work in the field of peace and global awareness education, including Authors and Writers, Business and Professional Women, International Leaders, Women in Education, Women of the Americas, and Women of the World.


Daniel Di Domizio

"Daniel Di Domizio"Dan, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Cardinal Stritch University, teaches courses on Faith and Justice, Theology of Church, Vatican II, and the Social Encyclicals. He also coordinates the Ecumenical Certificate Program in Urban Ministry. He previously taught at the Washington Theological Coalition in Washington, DC and Marian College in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Dan has served on the Advisory Boards of the St. Benedict Community Meal Program and the Milwaukee Archdiocesan Committee for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations. He currently serves on the Committee for Interfaith Understanding of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee. He is also a member of both the College Theology Society and the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

Dan’s published works include Religion in a Secularized Society: the Czech Experience (2004), which resulted from his teaching and research in the Czech Republic during the 1990’s. His has also published numerous articles in academic journals on topics related to justice, peace, and urban ministry.

Dan received his BA degree from St. Bonaventure University in New York, and his Doctorate in Theology with an emphasis in historical theology and spirituality from the Institut Catholique de Paris.


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European University for Peace, Stadtschlaining, Austria
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The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio
The United Nations University for Peace, Ciudad Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica
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